"Filipino Tall Tales" by Eliseo Art Silva“Filipino Tall Tales” by Eliseo Art Silva.

Dear KL contributors & lovely supporters!

We apologize for the respite, but we have good news after our yearlong search for a publisher: Carayan Press is publishing the Kuwento for Lost Things Anthology!

More details to come! However, expect a few things in the coming months:

1. A slated publishing date by Fall 2014!
2. A brand new website.
3. Cover art by the unforgettable surrealist and muralist, Eliseo Art Silva!

And last but not least:

4. Our evocative Introduction is written by the prolific and immensely talented, Dean Francis Alfar:

What is the value of myth in the modern world?  Why tell more stories?

Myths help us in the continuing work of defining our identities as Filipinos, as we get fragmented and assimilated, as we adopt and adapt, as we narrow and broaden our concept of what it means to be us.  This is, in essence, what we have lost, and what we yearn to find – pieces that we know to be ours, to be us, that we can take back into ourselves even as we grow as individuals, as a people, in an increasingly multi-cultural world.

For now, check out the Walang Hiya Anthology, another Carayan Press book: www.walanghiyaanthology.com.

Get ready for a beautiful & haunting book!


Melissa & Rachelle